• We have more than 300,000,000 Certified Masks In-Stock.

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Our suppliers has more than 300,000,000 Certified Masks In-Stock. (Comes with CE Marking)

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Why are we doing this and how much are we earning?

We are running this "Stop Hoarding Mask" project to reduce the habits of hoarding masks. In the last 2 months, we have been trying to get surgical masks for our family, employees & clients. However, we are unable to get them due to low supplies. 

The reason for no stock in masks in the entire market is mainly due to the habit of hoarding masks. 
Due to this habit, we have seen many unscrupulous sellers in classified ads websites selling masks above market rate. We are running this campaign to make sure everyone who needs a mask, have stocks for masks when they need them.

Now, the most important question is - Is "Stop Hoarding Mask" also profiteering from this?
The answer is yes. We are indeed running this campaign to profit. We are business people are we run many businesses for a living. However, as our businesses are heavily impacted by COVID-19, we are finding new source of income. We want to be outright here and do not want people to think we are running this campaign for a charitable cause.

However, we want to also make sure that we are solving a problem, while we are profiteering from this project, responsibly. 
In this campaign, we have 3 main goals:
*We want to bring down the market price for masks. 
*We want to make mask supplies available.
*We want to make sure that our profits are transparent to our buyers. 

Where and how are we getting masks at these prices?
In the last 10 years, we have been running printing, events & marketing businesses in Singapore, Malaysia & China. We have close connections to China suppliers, as well as an office in China. Our team in China were curate & collaborate with a few large surgical masks suppliers who are certified & licensed to produce high quality masks.

Let's take a step forward and look at our profits below.

Supply Cost: S$20 per box
Air Freight: S$4 per box
Credit Card Processing: S$1.40 per box

Every single box of mask sold will give us a gross profit of S$2 to S$3. As such, we will leave it to you buyers to conclude if we are profiteering much from this project. 

*Prices are quoted in Singapore Dollars

It's really great to see that there's a seller who is selling surgical masks below market rate. They have helped me to solve my need for masks. 

Fabian Lee

My office has been trying to find masks for the last 1-2 months. However, due to limited supplies, we were unable to purchase sufficient masks for our office usage. Such prices is a kind gesture to us. 

Max Ho

It was ridiculously difficult to find masks at pharmacies. They are always out of stock and the free masks we had wasn't enough. I am glad I can finally solve this problem as we are bracing for COVID-19.

Lee Wei

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Terms & Conditions

1. In an unfortunate situation where Singapore faces a "lockdown" where logistics and movement are restricted, the ordered product will be delayed and the company shall not be held responsible. However, in all cases, the company shall be committed and responsible to deliver the masks eventually.

2. In an unfortunate situation where there is a delay in airfreight or cargo, the ordered product will be delayed and the company shall not be held responsible for . However, in all cases, the company shall be committed and responsible to deliver the masks eventually. 

3. The company shall be indemnified from all sorts of situation and damages resulted from the usage of the masks.

4. For International Shipping, should the shipping fees increases beyond the calculated amount on the shopping cart due unforeseen circumstances, the customer may be required to top up the excess payments. If the top up fees is not agreeable by both parties, then the customer may request for a cancellation of service and the fees will be refunded to the customers. 

4. All fees paid are non-refundable.

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